Four Leaf Spirits

You Drink. We Give.

Four Leaf Spirits is a micro-distillery in Woodinville, WA that is focused on producing finely crafted spirits using Pacific Northwest sourced ingredients wherever possible. Four Leaf Spirits also donates a portion of our proceeds to cancer research.

You Drink. We Give.


For our tea-infused spirits, we are working with Seattle's own Modern Steep Teas to develop and source the organic teas and herbal tea blends that  flavor this line of spirits. Check out their website to learn more about their  teas, or visit them in Capitol Hill and enjoy a fresh brewed pot of one of their specialty teas.

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Sásta - [Saw-sta] It's Irish for satisfied or content.  This herbal tea-infused liqueur is designed with relaxation in mind.  It's made with a special organic herbal tea blend including chamomile, mint and rooibos tea, and is lightly sweetened with Pacific Northwest honey.  It's perfect on its own over ice, or even warmed up on a cool night. Put your feet up, the day is done.





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Tine - [Tin-nuh] It's Irish for fire! This spiced tea -infused liqueur is designed to give you a little kick.  It's made with a blend of organic spices including ginger and cardamom with rooibos tea and is lightly sweetened with Pacific Northwest honey.  It's a kick in the pants on its own, or adds a spicy twist to your favorite cocktail.  Get ready to to turn things up - it's lightly sweet with a touch of heat.




Liath - [Lee-ah] It's Irish for grey.  This Earl Grey tea-infused gin is a modern twist on a classic spirit. The Earl Grey tea infusion gives this gin a dark character with the distinct citrus overtones of bergamot.  Liath can be used to  make an amazing martini, or it is wonderfully flavorful on its own over a big ice cube.